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Yoga & English 


I teach Business English at companies, universities and colleges. That seems to be the mainstream way of teaching that most people associate with English training. If you, however, fancy a more progressive and natural approach to improving your English, I offer English training through learning by doing in my English spoken yoga classes.



Why yoga is my guide in business 


 From B.K.S. Iyengar's book 'Yoga, the path to holistic health', we can learn that " yoga is for everyone, you don't have to be at the height of your physical capabilities. The truth is that in our western society we neglect our bodies in the race to material success."

The beauty of yoga is that yoga unites our physical self to our mental and spiritual self. What that means is that we can correct any Imbalance, caused by either focusing too much on our physical side or on our mental self, through yoga. Through practicing yoga we are able to "diminish or heal some mental or physical suffering, pain or illness." (Iyengar).

I personally believe that our spiritual side remains underdeveloped because many of us aren't encouraged to discover it for ourselves in our so called 'developed' world. I personally try to live by that principle of not letting materialism get the better of me and to instead give something back to my environment. Yoga offers a continuous reminder of keeping that balance.

What yoga can do for us is something we can best find out by doing it. That's why my approach is 'learning by doing'.

Das treffende Zitat vom indischen Yoga-Guru B.K.S. Iyengar oberhalb bringt es auf den Punkt: "Yoga verändert nicht nur wie wir die Welt sehen, es verwandelt auch die Seher selbst."  Und in unserem stressvollen Leben ist das wahrscheinlich die einzige Weise zum überleben ohne zu viel mentale und/oder körperliche Schade zu erleiden.

Yoga bietet uns die Möglichkeit unsere Balance zurück zu finden wenn wir entweder zu viel auf das Geistliche, das Körperliche, oder materiellen Erfolg fokussiert sind. Eine ausgeglichene Lebenshaltung ermöglicht es uns selber "Heilung herbei zu rufen von Schmerzen, Leiden und Krankheit" (Iyengar). Mit Yoga kann man seine Seele auf lebensbereichernde Weise entwickeln. Eine tolle Sache zum ausprobieren, oder?