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 From January onwards there will also be classes on Tuesday evenings at 18:00. If you would like to join the yoga classes in English then please let me know either by mail or phone. You can be flexible and come to the Sunday  morning class as well.

PS  the opening of my own yoga studio SEQUOIA LODGE has been postponed to the summer


In September we closed the outdoor season with SUP yoga, which is yoga standing up on paddleboards. Next year we look forward to more outings on the canal. 




 SUP yoga on the canal


I would like to share a song by the Canadian singer/songwriter Jack Grunsky with you. It is a soulful song about the inherent force of life and how we are all meant to grow into the best person we can be and to be connected to nature. To me this song represents much of what yoga is about. I hope you will enjoy it.

Happy listening  :)