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Coronabedingt jetzt online Yoga Stunden

Yoga is all about breathing, so now is the time to keep your lungs and your soul healthy.

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I came across Daniel Cainer because of his weekly astrology song, only to realise he writes beautiful songs that underline the wisdom of yoga so wonderfully. It is basically the yoga philosophy in a nutshell.

Hier eine tolle musikalische Note von Daniel Cainer, der ein musikalisches Multi-Talent ist und in Liedform beschreibt worum es sich bei Yoga grundsätzlich handelt: Atmen und bewusst spüren wie es physisch und seelisch auf uns einwirkt. Zusammen mit Chava Mirel singt er hier über alle Weisheit von Yoga in einem Lied zusammen gefasst.

Die Lockdown hat mir inspiriert euch Yoga online anzubieten in einem Video-Conference Meeting. Bitte lasse mir wissen, ob ihr Lust dazu habt. Wer weiß wie lange diese Lockdown noch dauern wird. Uns mit einander austauschen, Yoga praktisieren wie in unsere normale Yogastunden geht auch online und es trägt dazu bei, dass wir uns aktiv gesund halten :)

This online life we all seem to have been living this year cannot be healthy, so I reckon a bit of yoga and reflection won't go amiss in the time leading up to 2021. But nobody knows when we can practise in person why not try out yoga online with me on Sunday mornings? It is not a YouTube video, but a real session through a video-conference with me in which we can communicate much like we did in our in-person classes. I was surprised myself about how much like a normal lesson it is :)

And now for something different. One of the yoginis from the English group sent me some beautiful art pictures by the artist Monica Stadalski from Upstate, New York. Her mudra drawings were published  in the German magazine 'Happinez'. 

If this lockdown makes you want to be active in other creative ways, or if you need to do something new to reflect on life and nature and need a change of perspective, have a look at her website. It displays her paintings, not only of different mudras (like the lotus flower hand position) but also other natural themes: She is even giving away a free tutorial on YouTube in case you want to try your hand at making drawings like hers.