outdoor yoga

Yoga is all about breathing, so now is the time to keep your lungs and your soul healthy outdoors

Auf dem Osnabrücker Weltacker: Yoga Schnuppern:  Samstag 23. Oktober 16:30 

gegen Spende für den Weltacker. Voranmeldung nicht nötig. 

Der Osnabrücker Weltacker liegt an der Ecke Händelstraße/Carl-Cromme-Weg am Westerberg. Die Bushaltestelle „Händelstraße“ ist ganz nah.

Wöchentliche Angebote:

outdoors bei gutem Wetter bei Sequoia Lodge Sundays 9:00-10:30 auf English, contact:

im Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus Dienstags 18:30-20:00 auf Deutsch oder English (nach Wunsch). Einsteigen jederzeit 

And now for something different: beautiful drawings by the artist Monica Stadalski from Upstate, New York. Her mudra drawings were published  in the German magazine 'Happinez'. 

If the recent curfews made you want to be active in other creative ways, or if you need to do something new to reflect on life and nature and need a change of perspective, have a look at her website. It displays her paintings, not only of different mudras (like the lotus flower hand position) but also of other natural themes: She is even giving away a free tutorial on YouTube in case you want to try your hand at making drawings like hers.