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Times and places for Yoga & English

Can't find time? Then maybe you'll be inspired by Abby and Sarah singing (in their version of " I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz) "open up your plans and damn, you're free" ;)

Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus see map below

Sundays  9:00-10:30 

Tuesday evenings  18:30-20:00 NEW


 weekend workshop at the VHS Osnabrück

Fri. 29/3 18:00-20:30 and Sat. 30/3 9:30-12:30

From 26 April  classes on Friday evenings 18:00-19:30 at the VHS Osnabrück.

To enroll in this 8 week course or in the weekend workshop at the end of March please visit their website at:


Here is where you can find the Piesbergergesellschaftshaus in Osnabrück:


Prices at Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus:

5-ticket card: €60 ; 10-ticket card: €100 (consecutive ones at a 10% discount) 

try-out session: at your discretion

Discounts are available for hardship cases, please ask.





Christina Niese, p/a Glückaufstraße 1, 49090 Osnabrück